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Building Confidence

Confidence is something that is developed over time and it requires determination, practice, and perseverance…

Effective Breathwork

Understanding your day-to-day breathing gives you physical and mental confidence, makes you more comfortable…


Overcoming Vocal Breaks

When you sing, your vocal cords undergo a transition as your resonance fluctuates. Vocal breaks…

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4 Practical Ways for Performers to Develop and Keep a Positive Mindset

It goes without saying that we’re living through difficult times. With many institutions closing their doors and taking with them the support income of many aspiring artists, and with networks and productions coming to what seems to be an indefinite halt taking with...

Five Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy

Train your voice and body just like an athlete: Learn proper singing technique, don't overuse the voice, get plenty of rest, eat a balanced, healthy diet. ... Let your voice shine. ... Pace yourself. ... Avoid phonotraumatic behaviors such as yelling, screaming, loud...