Daniel Koek
Vocal Coach

Become a star

8-Week vocal performance coaching

Are you ready for your next big step – drama school application, audition for a big production – but somehow you never seem to make the cut?

West End star Daniel Koek knows all the secrets of the trade and will coach you to discover your ultimate performance that brings you to the West End stages.

Most aspiring performers face big obstacles

Performance skills reached a plateau

Cannot command a stage

Frequent audition rejections

I know how frustrating it feels failing audition after audition.

Daniel Koek

Daniel knows how to get you onto the top stages

Learn the secret powers of a celebrated West End star that will propel you onto the top stages in just 8 weeks.

Learn powerful techniques

Deliver volume for hours even without a microphone

Develop a commanding stage presence

Become the center everyone on and off stage is focused on.

Win auditions and applications

Your confidence will convince casting agents and directors.

Daniel has helped countless young singers discover their ultimate performance

After drama school I was caught in a never ending loop of auditions and rejections. With Daniel's support - especially his breathing techniques - I became a force to be reckoned with on stage.
Lucy L
Initially, I was sceptical if an online course could deliver something physical like singing on stage. But boy, was I wrong. The weekly sessions ensured I kept at it and fit perfectly into my crazy schedule.
Bobby H
At first, I thought it was quite a big investment, but it was well worth it.

I earned the money back within 4 weeks after I won my first audition.

James L

Daniel brings his experience from the big shows...

...and knows how to get you onto the big stages

West End productions
Students coached
80 %
of students won an audition or application

Chose a program that fits your ambition


£ 50 per week
  • 12 weeks of coaching
  • Group of 10 students
  • Weekly video sessions
  • A detailed guidebook


£ 200 per week
  • Everything from “Gold”
  • Groups of 10 students
  • 2 private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to videos


£ 500 per week
  • Everything from “Platinum”
  • Group of 10 students
  • 8 private coaching sessions
  • Introduction to industry insiders

Let’s get you shining on stage!

Free Discovery Call

Learn what skills you are missing to break through.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Develop your skills and confidence.

Nail your auditions and casting with ultimate confidence

Finally, make it to the big stages.

Become a star with Daniel's 6-week vocal coaching program

It is hard to find a trusted vocal performance coach, one that will support your journey to the stage. Poor coaching could limit and damage someone’s future. An aspiring stage student needs a coach who can empathise with their journey and coaches with a high calibre of expertise, people-skills and effectiveness.

When Daniel Koek was a young artist, there were many challenges along the way and some teachers and coaches could have derailed his journey to success. Fortunately, once he was supported by a skilled, uplifting and nurturing coach, Daniel’s skills, potential and career began to soar landing roles such as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

Daniel believes young artists seeking support deserve their best chance to succeed with elite performance coaching. This helps them develop new skills, ace auditions and land roles.

In 2020 he started to formally help students with Daniel Koek Coaching.

Are you ready for your next big step – drama school application, audition for a big production – but somehow you never seem to make the cut?

West End star Daniel Koek knows all the secrets of the trade. He will help you activate your dormant potential that will take you to the big stages.

Many aspiring young performers hit a glass ceiling in the course of their careers. It seems they have reached a plateau where they cannot develop their skills any further and fail to properly command a stage. The consequences are harsh: getting rejected by drama schools and losing audition after audition.

Daniel Koek knows how crushing it feels getting rejected again and again in a profession you put your whole self into.​ He experienced the same struggle and heartbreak as a young performer. Until a terrific vocal coach took him under his wings and helped him overcome his voice limitations.

At the top of his career as a celebrated West End performer, Daniel wants to give back and share his techniques and secrets with his students. In his 6-week-program, you will develop the skills that are missing to propel you onto the big stages. Learn powerful techniques of how to deliver volume for hours even without a microphone and develop a commanding stage presence. Become the center of attention for everyone on- and off-stage and win those auditions and drama school applications you crave so much. The techniques, skills and confidence you will develop in this class will convince casting agents and directors.

Daniel has helped countless young singers activate their dormant potential, and brings in big stage experience combined with powerful breathing techniques and vocal coaching. He himself was featured in 3 big west end productions (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and West End Story) and has helped over 20 students with his coaching. Over 80% of them won auditions or applications to Drama school within 6 months after training with him.

Depending on your personal ambition, Daniel offers three training courses.

1. Drama School

For £ 50 per week, you will participate in small group training sessions over the course of 12 weeks. You will receive a detailed guidebook and peer support by your group.

2. West End

For £ 200 per week, you will additionally get one private coaching session with Daniel per month and gain unlimited access to all his coaching videos.

3. Broadway

For £ 500 per week, you will receive the most intense coaching. Once a week, you will have a 1:1 training session with Daniel where you will work on your key challenges, and he will even make introductions to other industry insiders.

Starting is simple with the Getting-You-Onto-a-West-End-Stage-Plan. Schedule a free discovery call where you learn what skills you are missing to break through. Start your weekly coaching sessions to develop your techniques, skills and confidence. After the 12 weeks, you are ready to win auditions and applications and finally make it to the big stages.

Get ready to unleash your voice and your free discovery call with Daniel here.

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Most young performers struggle needlessly because they are using the classic breathing technique – which is actually a major burden on a live stage.

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